Other Suppliers

We also represent products from other suppliers listed below around the world to export to the Middle East


Irrigation products; ON/OFF Adjustable Bubbler


Factor UTB; Australia:

Design / Consultancy Services for water Distribution, Chlorination, Waste water treatment Plant (SBR System) and Control equipments www.factorutb.com.au/

Watertech; Italy:

Domestic and Industrial Water meters and Tantalizers (for other regions) http://www.wtmeters.it

MARIC Flow Control; Australia:

Flow control valves for Mining, Water authorities, Pump protection, irrigation, Water treatment and Industrial applications www.maric.com.au

Jain Irrigation Inc; USA

Microirrigation products, PC Bubblers, Bubbler Stake, Filters etc. www.jainsusa.com

VIR; Italy  

Metal-Gate, ball and Butterfly Valves for Water & Gas, Electric and Pneumatic Actuators, Static and Dynamic Balancing valves, Swing Check Valves, Flanged gate and Swing Check valves and Flexible Joints (for Oman) www.vironline.com

Flowflex Components Ltd; UK

Gate Valves, Float valves, ball valves (for Other regions) www.flowflex.com

Unistar: France

PVC, PE, PP and Butt welding Fittings, PP Saddles and Valves www.unistar-europe.com

Supreme Fittings

PVC, PE, PP and Butt welding Fittings, Compression, Elecrtofusion, etc. http://www.supreme-systems.net/


DeviCropscience is a leading manufacturer of the world patented foliar spray fertilizer “BOOM FLOWER” and other Agricultural Inputs. AIP is an Authorized Agent for Australia,New Zealand and Middle East for Devi Cropscience products http://www.devicropscience.net/