Our Experience
Over 32 years of experience in the field of Water Engineering and Pumping equipments
Water Irrigation Systems
Wide range of Irrigation equipments for landscape and agricultural projects
Pumping equipments
Speciality Valves and fittings, Water metering equipments, Filtration, Fertlizer injection , chlorination products, wire and cable products
Technical support, Export documentation, Warehousing, Consolidation and Shipping.
Quality Suppliers
AIP represents and markets high quality water engineering products from leading manfacturers around the world
Devi Cropscience- Boom Flower
Boom Flower a world patented foliar spray fertilizer. AIP is an authorised agent for Australia, New Zeland and Middle East for Devi Cropscience products

About Us

AIP International Pty Ltd, specializes in Import and Export business.

Our Services

Technical support, Export Documentation and Logistics

Our Suppliers

AIP are well known leading supplier of water engineering products in Middle East

AIP Branded Products

Valve Boxes and Adjustable Flood Bubbler