About Us

AIP International Pty Ltd, was established in Adelaide in 1992 which specializes in Import and Export business. The director of the company is an Ag.Engineer with a Masters degree specialized in Irrigation and Drainage Engineering with CP Eng(Australia). He has over 39 years of experience in the field of Water Engineering and pumps which include his 11 years of Sales and Marketing experience as Marketing Manager in the Middle East with the distributors of FIP; Italy, KSB Ajax Pumps; Toro; USA and Rain Bird International; USA.


The products in AIP’s export range include Irrigation equipments, Isolating Gate valves, Check valves, Compression fittings, Chlorination equipments, Wire and Cable products, Steel Storage Tanks, Fertliser Injection System, Filtration system, Specialty fittings and Water meters for potable water and treated waste water applications, Specialty valves such as Air valves, Foot valves, Swing Check valves, Surge Relief valves, Manual and Electric Pressure reducing valves and sustaining valves, Solenoid Valves, Quick Pressure Relief valves, Fast acting remote Hydraulic control valves, and Hydraulic Float control valves etc which are exported from Australia, USA, Italy, France, Taiwan, Turkey and UK to their distributors in the Middle East .

The company have liaison offices in Los Angeles; USA and Milan; Italy to receive, store and consolidate the products and then ship directly to our distributors in the Middle East. The company is proud to name few of their manufacturers/suppliers who supply to AIP namely :
From Australia :HR-Products, Antelco, IPLEX, DIX Filters, Atalantis and Toro
From USA : Yardney Filtration, Mazzei Injectors, NDS/Agrifim, Connectorkings, DURA Plastics and Jain
From Italy and France : Water Tech water meters, VIR valves, Unistar , Supreme
From Turkey : Pimtas and Dikkaya
From UK : Flowflex

To show the strength of AIP’s partnership with manufacturers, DURA Plastics-Valve boxes and Yardney-Water Filters from USA, DIX Filters from Australia, Plastico Bubblers from Taiwan and Bubbler stakes from India are being private labeled for AIP International Pty Ltd to distribute in the Middle East region. .


The company imports a specialty Agri/Horticultural fertilizer called ‘Boom Flower’ which is an internationally patented product. Boom Flower is a foliar fertilizer and is imported from India and marketed nationally through a whole sale distributor in Australia.


  • Technical support, product selection and technical advice from Adelaide; Australia.
  • Quotation, Ordering,Co-ordination with suppliers/manufacturers, distributors and liaison offices team, preparing quotes for tenders and projects – From Adelaide; Australia
  • Warehousing, Consolidation,Shipping, Handling, Export documentation and Logistics – Liaison offices in Los Angeles; USA, Milan; ITALY and Adelaide; Australia.
  • Replacement and Spare Parts through our Suppliers and Manufacturers warranty terms